Brome-Missisquoi Youth Foundation

The Brome-Missisquoi Youth Foundation provides three Houses of Hope (group homes) in the Eastern Townships for at risk children ages 6-17.

These homes are well-supervised, structured, safe, quiet, supportive and constructive environments. They help children and youth to develop self-esteem in the comfort of a familiar and stable milieu.

We're offering young people hope , and we want to give them a better future.

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Over have been assisted in these facilities to date.

The Houses of Hope

Maison Espace vivant

The Living Room

This home can house up to eight at-risk youths with mainly short- to medium-term needs.

Maison Contat

Maison Contat

This house can accommodate up to nine at-risk children for a long-term stay.

Maison le Tremplin

Le Tremplin

This house can accommodate up to nine at-risk youths mostly for long-term stays.

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Providing At-Risk Youth a Chance at a Better Life

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Support the Foundation

The Brome Missisquoi Youth Foundation needs financial and volunteer support from the community. Support us so that we can continue offering young people a better future, and give them hope.

Donors may direct funds to specific activities of the Foundation.